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California Dreaming

Last month Kris and I took a long weekend and joined some family who were already on vacation in Oceanside. When they asked if I minded taking some quick snaps of them while there, I was happy for the excuse to bring my camera!

I love the desert, but it's nice to change up the location now and then. You can't beat the beach for a beautiful backdrop! The waves can be unpredictable, but that just adds some fun. I climbed up on the rocks to get a better angle. It was a little precarious, but worth it!

We'd hoped to get some shots under the pier, but just couldn't seem to get there at a time when the light was good AND the tide was out far enough to let us play out there. We compromised and used the pier for some visual interest in the background of some of the shots.

We're heading to Maui in January after our wedding, and I'll definitely be bringing a camera for that trip. Would it be weird to book some portrait sessions while while on our honeymoon? :-)


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